Corner Center lobby

206 E. 9th St. Los Angeles CA 90015

Corner Center lobby

206 E. 9th St. Los Angeles CA 90015


Welcome to the heartbeat of Corner Center – a lobby that exudes star-studded allure and practical functionality. Adorned with the portraits of renowned celebrities, this small yet captivating space holds the essence of glamour and aspiration.

Elevate your experience with seamless access, where elevators and stairs connect to the upper realms of creativity on the 2nd, 3rd, and rooftop levels. It’s a gateway to inspiration, a passage that bridges the present moment to the heights of artistic endeavors.

While this space may be modest in size, its purpose is grand. As a conduit for tenants and guests, it orchestrates the rhythm of activity, facilitating the seamless movement of clothing racks and boxes during sample sale events on the upper floors. It’s a hub of efficiency, where behind-the-scenes preparations come to life.

Amidst anticipation, customers and buyers assemble outside the lobby, poised to ascend to the 2nd and 3rd floors when sample sale events unfold. Join this legacy, where innovation harmonizes with pragmatism. Corner Center Lobby – where aspiration is revered and pathways are paved.

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