Beverly Hills Tower Rooftop

499 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills CA 90210


Looking for the perfect film location with stunning views? Look no further than our rooftop oasis! Our structure, located on the rooftop of the building, offers a small cafe-like space and a relaxing area for your cast and crew to take breaks. Step outside, and you’ll find a tranquil fish pond surrounded by lush green grass, providing a picturesque setting for any scene.

But the real draw is the 360-degree panoramic view of Beverly Hills, which can be enjoyed from any part of the rooftop. Imagine capturing the essence of luxury and glamour in your film against this breathtaking backdrop. And there’s more – our versatile rooftop space is perfect for hosting special events like company parties, adding a touch of exclusivity to your gatherings. The large windows in our cafe-like area not only frame the stunning views but also create an ambiance that’s perfect for both casual relaxation and sophisticated celebrations.

With its unique blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, our rooftop is sure to make a statement in any production. Whether you’re seeking an intimate filming location or a place to host memorable events, our rooftop oasis awaits, ready to elevate your project to new heights. Secure your lease today and bring your creative vision to life amidst the beauty of Beverly Hills.

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Michael (Property Manager)
  • Michael (Property Manager)