Casa Vertigo 3rd Floor Sunset Room

1828, Oak Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Casa Vertigo 3rd Floor Sunset Room

1828, Oak Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015


Welcome to the mesmerizing 3rd floor Sunset Room at Casa Vertigo – a haven of opulence and beauty. The allure of hardwood floors welcomes you as you step inside, setting the tone for a space that blends luxury with comfort.

Your eyes are drawn to the intricate details above, where gold trimming adorns the ceiling, creating an aura of grandeur that frames the space. Tuscan golden-covered Doric columns stand as majestic sentinels, adding a touch of classical elegance to the ambiance.

High ceilings adorned with pristine white walls create an atmosphere of spaciousness and sophistication, while tall windows invite abundant natural light to dance within the room. Crystal-clear chandeliers hang from above, casting their radiant glow and enhancing the enchanting atmosphere.

As you explore further, a large mezzanine area unveils itself, offering an elevated view that overlooks the grand ballroom below. It’s a vantage point that adds an element of exclusivity, a perfect setting for intimate gatherings and private moments.

The 3rd floor Sunset Room is not just a space of beauty; it’s a space of functionality as well. This room boasts its own commercial-sized kitchen, ensuring that culinary creations can come to life seamlessly. Additionally, a gentleman’s room attached to the space adds an element of convenience and comfort.

Whether you’re envisioning a lavish event or an intimate gathering, the 3rd floor Sunset Room offers a canvas of timeless elegance. It’s a realm where design and functionality intertwine, inviting you to create memories and moments that will be cherished forever.

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