Casa Vertigo 2nd Floor Hollywood Lounge

1828 Oak st. Los Angeles CA 90015

Casa Vertigo 2nd Floor Hollywood Lounge

1828 Oak st. Los Angeles CA 90015


Step into the enchanting 2nd floor Hollywood Lounge at Casa Vertigo – a realm of timeless elegance and artistic allure. The allure of hardwood floors greets your footsteps, setting the stage for an experience that marries luxury with comfort.

As you explore further, your gaze is drawn to the four Tuscan silver-covered Corinthian columns, elegantly dividing the lounge while adding a touch of classical grandeur. The high ceilings adorned with pristine white walls create an ambiance of spaciousness and sophistication, inviting you to immerse yourself in the surroundings.

Tall windows grace the lounge, inviting abundant natural light to peek through, infusing the space with a warm and inviting glow. Crystal-clear chandeliers hang from above, casting their radiant light and enhancing the atmosphere.

As you navigate this space, two separate mezzanine areas come into view, offering an elevated perspective that overlooks the grand ballroom below. These mezzanines create an intimate and exclusive setting, perfect for those seeking a unique vantage point.

The 2nd floor Hollywood Lounge is a haven that invites you to indulge in luxury, to embrace the beauty of design, and to immerse yourself in an environment that evokes emotions and ignites the senses. It’s a space where history and modernity converge, offering a canvas for your vision to come to life amidst a backdrop of timeless splendor.

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